One Down

I successfully completed my first quarter at the lovely DePaul University in Chicago and enjoyed every minute of it (except for the week and a half where I was bedridden).  I loved every one of my classes - from learning about AIDS in Chicago to learning about the foundations of Islam to comparing democracies and other regimes around the world to learning about what drives international relations. Not only were my classes fascinating but my professors were also fantastic, which is not at all what I was expecting from college. Although a few of my classes were challenging, I survived and learned a great deal from them.

Over the past three months I have also met the most amazing friends ever, whom I don't know how I will live without for the next six weeks! Living in Chicago (and getting lost more than a few times) allowed me to to discover all kinds of amazing places around the city I never knew about. I've mastered the El system and am now beginning to tackle the bus system. I've even learned how to cook (in the loosest sense of the word.)

Now that this quarter is done, it means back to normalcy for this blog - or so I hope! I'm working full time at my lovely coffee house job but I'm hoping on squeezing in moments to blog again on a more frequent basis. I'll be working ahead and reading for some of my classes next quarter, but that won't detract from writing here because the majority of my classes deal with topics I discuss on here (I'm even taking a class in humanitarian aid and politics! I think it was created for me!). So thanks for being patient and sticking around as I get used to college and work. But be warned - I'll be blogging in full force very soon! 

For all those Americans and U.S. expats out there: Have a happy Thanksgiving!


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