Sand and Sorrow

The world has said "never again" to all the past genocides. From the holocaust, to Kosovo, to Armenia, to Croatia, to Rwanda - the world has ignored all the warning signs and only realized the killings until after they are finished. Clinton had his 'Rwanda moment' and now Obama faces his 'Darfur moment'. The documentary Sand and Sorrow does a great job at showing what is happening in Darfur and why it is so important for us to help out in any way we can. The movie features prominent people in the fight against the genocide in Sudan like John Prendergast, Samantha Power, and Nicholas Kristof. The documentary takes us from the refugee camps along to Sudan - Chad border, to US congress offices, to high school and college campus to show not just what is being done to stop the genocide, but also to show us how much more needs to be done. I hope this film is able to remind everyone why it is so important for us to raise our voices and act against the genocide that is occurring silently in Darfur.

(a weird side note: the high school that is featured in the film is my old high school I attended. I didn't know it was in the movie so you can imagine the shock I was in when I saw the name of my small town high school on my TV screen!)


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