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There are certain questions that are asked that have no easy answer. Sometimes there is no answer - other times it is up to us make an answer. As I'm in my political science classes now, I often times am faced with some of these questions while studying governments and conflicts around the world. Although there may not be a solution or at least an answer that we want to hear, I think it is still important to think about the questions. 

Dropping Knowledge is this amazing website that I found that I am actually quite obsessed with now. It's a forum that invites you to ask questions about the world around us, which in turn invokes a social discussion about the world, its issues, and the possible solutions that we could be a part of. Cool, no?

It all started on September 9, 2006 when a group of diverse individuals from all around the world called the Table of Free Voices gathered in Berlin to answer 100 questions in their own opinion. The Table of Free Voices was so popular among the general public that Dropping Knowledge decided to keep the dialogue going with the general public. Some questions that the Table of Free Voices answered ranged on a wide variety of topics such as: Are brands more powerful than governments?, Does economic globalization promote democracy or consolidate dictatorship?, AIDS in Africa: How big is our responsibility?, Do you know the connection between politics and violence?, Who is profiting from terrorism?, and What is the modern version of colonization? To know the answers of the 120 people that attended the meeting, you can watch the video of the whole event and sort through the participants and/or the questions to find out what everyone said.

Now, Dropping Knowledge goes far beyond the Table for Free Voices - it now serves as a platform to both ask your own questions and answer other's. There are videos taken from around the world where people ask there questions for you to view (watch them all here), a magazine (volume 1 deals with global warming), and a forum to submit your questions and answer other people's burning questions.

However, my favorite part of Dropping Knowledge are the postcards. Dropping Knowledge created photo postcards online of some of the most popular and thought provoking questions. They add new ones every once and a while so I enjoy going through and looking at the pictures and thinking about the questions. Below are a few of my favorite postcards that deal with war, peace, and global society (there are many more on the website that ask questions about philosophical, economic, and environmental issues that I would suggest checking out too!). I hope you enjoy the following postcards I've posted below (check out the captions for more on the topic/issue if you want to know more) and be sure to check out the rest of the postcards on Dropping Knowledge. Let me know what you think!
Interesting question in my opinion given the current Isreal/Palestine conflict and the Burmese oppression of Christian Karenni.
I love this questions - especially after traveling to Africa and seeing cellphones and discos in the middle of the African jungle.
I love this question because I believe that we can learn everything from Africa. They've got it all right in my opinion, they've just struggled because of colonization and exploitation...but that is a topic for another time. 
An interesting question that makes me a bit uneasy. I hope the answer is no because I would hate to believe that me being born in the US is because someone else is suffering for me. 
My answer: They never should! (Read more about Refugees and IDPs)
My answer: yes...which is why I'm becoming an aid worker - so the hope for peace doesn't completely dissolve in today's conflict-obsessed and dependent society.
This is a question I'm always wondering. (Read more about the world water crisis)
This is one of my favorite postcards because it refers to an issue extremely close to me: blood diamonds/minerals. As it is quite known by now through my ranting and raving on here about my hatred for diamonds, I think the entire diamond industry is completely ridiculous. Its not necessary to kill and oppress people for a mineral that only we have given value to.  


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