Malnutrition in Burkina Faso

This is another video from MSF's Starved For Attention campaign that shows what is called the 'hunger gap' in Burkina Faso. The hunger gap is a type of malnutrition that reoccurs every year when crops are scarce. The hunger gap causes 80% of the Burkinabe who depend on their farming to lose their primary source of  proper nourishment. 

Watch the story above of Natasha who is a single mother in Burkina Faso who collects firewood to earn money. Due to poverty, she must choose between food for her children or medicine for them. This is not a choice a mother, or anyone for that matter, should have to make. But we can change that. Sign the Starved for Attention petition to rewrite the 196 million stories of malnutrition around the world.


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