Invisible in India

The World Food Programme estimates that 25% of the world's malnourished live in India. 1 in every 3 malnourished kids in the world are in India which means that 8 million children are suffering from the lack of proper nutrition there. Although crops, fruits, and vegetables are abundant throughout the country, they're cash crops so they are sold for money which is then used to buy rice - this rice stunts a child's growth. In India, malnutrition is so common that it is 'invisible' according to MSF. The video above shows what a few stories of what malnutrtion looks like in India. Remember that we can help change these stories. Malnutrition doesn't need to exist - we can help end it by signing MSF's petition to make humanitarian aid organizations offer nutritionally beneficial food to children under two. Malnutrition could disappear if we work together to provide proper nutrition to small children. Let's start today.


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