I Need to Become an Aidworker (2)

Freetown International Airport in Sierra Leone (or is it Fretwn Interntion Airpor??)
Reason #2 Why I Need to Become an Aid Worker: I've always been terrified of flying and I still don't enjoy it. Although, after flying the first time to Sierra Leone in a tiny plane and landing in an extremely small airport, I become a little less scared. I enjoy the flights themselves, but landing and taking off scare me to no end. I don't enjoy landing in airports so small I need to walk across the tarmac to the plane itself and go through security outside. Becoming an aid worker will definitely help me get through my fear of flying. The best way to overcome fears is to face them...right? I hope so...

If you are looking to find airports you never want to land at, read this post on The Road to the Horizon and take a look at the top 10 most dangerous landing strips in the world. 

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  1. Haha very good reason to become an aid worker! O my gosh... looking those 10 most dangerous landing strips makes me nervous haha.
    Have a great week, love, Jacky


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