From North to South

The happenings and politics in Sudan is always of interest to me. On IRIN I recently found this video that is about a family's move from the north of Sudan to the south. IRIN recently reported that with the South Sudan referendum approaching, there will be an influx of returning refugees who hope to take part in the building of a new country. 

The journey home will not be easy. Thousands have been trapped in their own country - made IDPs from the war. They now feel ready to return home. The family in this short movie must take a boat from the north for three days (while others must take a 2 week journey!) until they reach a coastal town near their home village. Arriving back home is just one of the many obstacles that they must face. Despite the peace in the South, life is still harsh. Water is not readily available, there aren't enough schools or medical facilities, and some villages have disappeared off the map because of the previous war. Watching this video gives a brief glimpse into what life is and will be like for many Sudanese as they begin their journeys home. Keep them in mind and be hoping that the South Sudan referendum passes!


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