And The Real Winners Are...

In early August I brought you all the list of the most failed states in the world - they were the winners of the loser category. Well today I'm bringing you the winners of the winning category. 

Newsweek came out with a list of the 'best' countries based on education, quality of life, health care, political environment, and the economy. Unfortunately, most of the 'best' countries were in Europe or the Americas, and most of the 'worst' nations being in Africa. I was surprised to find that South Africa (the most well-off nation in Sub-Saharan Africa) was ranked 97 out of 100 for education, 92 in health care, and 88 in quality of life! However it fared much better in political environment and the economy. 

Newsweek came out with an interesting interactive feature that allows you to view the rankings by income level, country, and population which shows some interesting and sometimes predictable trends. It's worth a look. Also, check out the bios on countries that made the top. I hope it reminds people how good they have it, especially all those who say U.S. health care is horrible - they can now view the 84 countries that have worse health care. I'm confident that one day one of the African nations that are at the bottom will pick themselves up and make it towards the top. Until then, let's keep trying to help!


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