WFP Fighting to Get Food Aid to Pakistan

Photo via WFP
Although I wrote an update about the dire situation in Pakistan just the other day, today I wanted to share with you what the World Food Programme (WFP) is doing to help feed those who are stranded in the flooded regions.

With the possibility of the situation in Pakistan getting worse and not better, it is becoming crucial to get food aid to those in need immediately. Since the beginning of the flooding, WFP has given a 1 month supply of food to 1.2 million people; however, there are still millions in need of food aid (they estimate about 6 million people are in need of food assistance). Children and women often times suffer the most in disasters like these, so to ensure that children are receiving proper nutrition, WFP has distributed extra stocks of plumpy doz and high-energy biscuits. Up to today, WFP has distributed enough biscuits to feed 350,000 children for a month (read more).

By the end of next week, the World Food Programme hopes to bring food aid to 2 million people which is nearly 1/3 of the total number of people in the country who are in need of food assistance.  So far WFP has reached 430,000 people in the hardest hit areas of Pakistan and is preparing to feed 825,000 more in areas where the flood waters are heading next (read more about their distribution efforts).

Over 15 million people have been affected by the floods which leaves them without any food, clean water, or shelter. People have been forced to become refugees inside their own country - left completely helpless until aid finally reaches them. With livestock killed and farmlands destroyed, the possibility of a worsening food situation is likely.

Help PakistanThe crisis in Pakistan is far from over and the need continues. WFP has received 46 million dollars so far for a needed 150 million dollar food assistance operation. For the 13.9 million dollars needed for logistics operations, they've only received 1 million dollars. Donations are greatly needed to help assist those in Pakistan. You can help by clicking on the widget in this post or by donating $5 by texting AID to 27722 (only for people in the U.S.).

Thanks for helping out and I'll continue bringing updates on the crisis in Pakistan as the situation unfolds. 


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