We Can End Poverty

2015 Millennium Developmental Goals
In 2000, 189 world leaders met at the United Nations Millennium Summit and vowed to end poverty by 2015. They came up with 8 Developmental Goals that they promised to achieve in order to eradicate poverty. It has been 10 years since the Millennium Summit and poverty is still a long way from disappearing. There are 5 years left for the world leaders to follow through on their promises and you can help. The We Can End Poverty campaign was created to get us involved in ending poverty by 2015.

On their website you can find an abundance of information of the 8 MDGs, latest news on the progress being made, as well as information on how you can personally get involved. Their are a few events and competitions on their website that really caught my eye that I'd like to share.

First is the Stand Up 2010 mobilization that will take place from September 17th to the 19th. During that weekend, millions of people will mobilize worldwide to make noise and draw attention to the promises made by the world leaders in 2000. You can be a part of the Stand Up 2010 event by registering and finding the events closest to you.

Second is the Unleash Your Creativity challenge that gave the opportunity for people in Europe to create an advertisement that will be used in major European media to raise awareness of the MDGs. People were able to submit an entry of their advertisement and others were able to vote on their favorite submissions. 30 finalist have been chosen and the winners will be selected by a jury. Although the main competition has ended, their facebook competition is continuing until September. Vote for your favorite ads by looking their the different albums full of submissions and clicking the 'like' button to cast your vote for the ones you think are the best. 

Lastly is their 2010 Citizen Ambassador to the United Nations video competition. The assignment is to create a video that answers one of the following questions: "Why are the MDGs important to you? What are you, your community, or your country doing to achieve them? How can the international community work together better?" This competition gives you the opportunity to share your voice and opinion of the United Nations MDGs as well as an opportunity to be creative! The competition ends August 23rd so if you have not started on a video and you still want to, get out their and share your voice!

Imagine a world without poverty. Nobody would die because of lack of food, or water, or medicine. Women would be treated equally and wouldn't die in childbirth. All kids would have the opportunity to attend school. Children around the world would have a chance to live past the age of 5 and the environment would be cleaned up. Poverty has become common place in our lives, which is a sign that it's about time to knock it out! Stay informed on the progress made and how you can help through the We Can End Poverty 2015 website, twitter, and facebook.

In closing, let me leave you with a few of my favorite ads that were created for the Unleash Your Creativity competition:
Created By: Guy Matchoro
Created by: David Cardeira Alves and Claudia Ribeiro

Created By: Nicole Valadier
Translation: "You. Us. Them. Together. Me? Eliminate Poverty By 2015. It's Possible!"
Created By: Mateusz Damasiewicz
Created By: Alline


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