Water for CAR

Charity: Water September Campaign
Every year, Charity: Water launches their September Campaign. The premise behind the September Campaign is that everyone born in the month of September will ask for money for their birthday and donate it to Charity: Water. Every September (the month Charity: Water was born),the staff chooses a new country to raise money for and...drumroll...this year they chose Central African Republic. For all those people who weren't born in September, Charity: Water urges them to bike, swim, run or do anything to raise money for their cause. 

Why Water Instead of Gifts
80% of all diseases are the result of unclean water and lack of sanitation. Currently there are nearly 1 billion people without access to clean drinking water. It isn't just disease that stems from unsafe drinking water, but also violence. Women and young girls have to walk long distances every day in order to get clean water, and along that walk they are put at a greater risk of being the victims of sexual violence - especially in war-torn regions where rape is being used as a weapon of war. 

Through Charity: Water's projects, they've given over 1 million people access to clean drinking water and sanitation, funded nearly 3,000 projects, and work in 17 countries worldwide. The September Campaign makes a big impact in the region in which Charity: Water focuses on for that month - giving people not only access to water but also a chance at a healthier, more prosperous, and happier life. So instead of receiving the gifts that you quickly forget, raise some money for an amazing cause this September. The money you raise will improve the livelihoods of no just dozens or hundreds of people, but tens of thousands of men, women, and children.

About CAR
The situation in the Central African Republic (CAR) is not very well-known. It was recently one of the countries declared as a 'failed state' due to the violence, conflicts, and problems that have been occurring there. The Presidential elections that were meant to take place in April were put off, but recently rescheduled for October; however, it remains to be seen if they'll actually take place and be democratic, transparent, and corruption-free. 

According to the Charity: Water blog, there are 4.3 million people living in CAR and 34% of the population does not have access to clean drinking water. The life expectancy is only a meager 48 years and a shocking 69% don't have latrines. The reason for the lack of water, sanitation, and education in CAR is a result of the immense poverty there - nearly 64% live on less than 1$ a day.

This year for Charity: Water's fourth birthday, they wish to provide the 16,000 people belonging to the Byaka tribe with clean water and also to an additional 50,000 people living throughout the country. Now that is one heck of a 4th birthday gift! 


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