The Truth About Water

Water Kills
I found these two ads recently from Unicef that shed some more light on the water crisis. Charity: Water recently announced their September Campaign (the money will be raise for the Central African Republic) and water was recently declared a human right, so needless to say that the attention is finally being brought to the water crisis. 

The add above says, "Bad water kills more children than war" which can seem like a huge exaggeration at first. If you think of all the wars occurring right now and the large impact they have on kids, it can seem nearly impossible that something as little as unsafe water can do more damage. But in reality, 4,500 children die everyday because of unsafe water and lack of sanitation. Worldwide, 42% of people don't have access to toilets which contributes to the high death rate from diarrheal diseases. Poor sanitation alone accounts for 88% of the deaths from diarrheal diseases which kill 1.5 million children under 5 years old each year. The statistics are shocking - unbelievable. 

You can read more about what Unicef is doing to help bring water and sanitation to children around the world as well as what they're doing to meet the Millennium Developmental Goals. What to help? Take part in Unicef's Global Handwashing day, follow them on twitter, and join them on facebook. It's hard to imagine something as harmless as water killing so many children every day, but if more people become aware of the crisis then I believe that we can make a difference.
Source: Ads of the World


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