Things are Getting Started!

Yesterday I had my 2nd interview at Caribou Coffee in Chicago which I was pretty darn nervous about! After spending 6 hours total commuting on trains and $40 spent on tickets, I was really hoping I was going to get the job. After about 5 minutes in the interview, the job was offered to me!

It looks like I'll be doing another 4 years of coffee shop work, which I actually like! I practically live at Caribou Coffee now, so I'm pretty happy to be working for them finally. The thing I'm most excited about is that Caribou sells Project 7 merchandise and the shop that I'm going to be working at sells artwork where the proceeds go to building a school in Haiti! It looks like this couldn't be a better fit for me!

The biggest relief is knowing I can walk on campus next week and not have to worry about finding a job. That is a huge relief! 

I'm just 6 days away from moving out of my small town to the big city of Chicago, which means I have lots of packing to get accomplished these next couple days and many 'goodbyes' to say - so I apologize in advance if my posts are not as frequent as I move out and settle in to my new home. Life will be pretty crazy until around September 7th for me, but I'm going to try to get updates out as much as possible!

Finally, yesterday I got some information about my first class in college: Discovering HIV/AIDS, which I'm so thrilled about! It looks like during the first week of school we'll be talking with youth who have HIV and visiting prevention and treatment services through the city. I'm looking forward to learning a lot about the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the coming semester!

Thanks for sticking by me as my schedule gets a little bit more hectic! Let the journey begin!


  1. Hi Karen, those classes you're going to take sound great! If you come across any interesting books, let me know ok? ;)
    I took some training classes in South Africa, about HIV/AIDS and sexual abuse. Very interesting.
    Enjoy the journey.
    Love from Holland,

  2. Thanks! I definitely let you know what books we will be using for the semester! I'll be sharing some of what I'll be learning on here too because I'm sure I'll be learning quite a lot!
    Oh wow, that sounds really interesting! I might be picking your brain a bit during the next coming months then ;)


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