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Source: AfricaNews
Sudan - Referendum will "increase humanitarian needs": The time for referendum in South Sudan is coming up in less than 6 months now. Although the people and authorities in South Sudan are anticipating the vote, they are worried for increased humanitarian needs that might arise with the return of millions of refugees that are residing in northern Sudan, Egypt, Ethiopia, Uganda, and Kenya.

Sudan - Aid agencies granted access to Kalma amid expulsions: The largest IDP camp in South Sudan, the Kalma camp, was cut off from all aid for 14 days. Finally, three aid agencies have been allowed access into the camp (the UN Children’s Fund, World Food Programme and OCHA) to deliver fuel for the water pumps and medicine. As access was granted to this camp, other aid agencies were again expelled from the Darfur region and international aid workers were kidnapped (and later released), so the problems are still far from over.

Niger - Food hoarding ‘puts children at risk’: The World Food Programme recently called the Niger food crisis as the worst in its history. The food shortage is being exacerbated by people who are hoarding food and taking advantage of the market fluctuations to make a profit by selling their grains at extreme prices that the average person cannot afford.

Israel - New Peak in Arbitrary Razing of Palestinian Homes: The Israeli government continues to demolish homes in the West Bank and Palestine at new, faster rate. In July alone, Israeli authorities destroyed 141 Palestinian homes which is the largest number since 2005.

Niger - Hunger 'worse than 2005': 7.3 million people in the West African nation of Niger are in need of food. The World Food Programme's threshold for declaring a emergency is when 15% of children are acutely malnourished, and currently in Niger 17% are malnourished. At first there were droughts in the area and recently there was severe flooding. The droughts ruined the first set of crops and now the flooding has destroyed the second crops as well as livestock, making the situation only worse. Aid agencies are utilizing the various Plumpy'doz products to help combat malnutrition in children (read more).


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