Manshiyat Naser - AKA Garbage City

Living in a Real Garbage Dump
Source: Dornob
Looking at this photo basically sums up 'Garbage City'. Manshiyat Naser is a suburb on the outskirts of Cairo that is home to the Zabbaleen, who've made their living sorting through garbage since the '50s. Garbage City is a town like any other - it has apartments, shops, restaurants, and (yes) inhabitants.

The Zabbaleen have collected the garbage from Cairo for decades and sort it in to unusable waste and recyclable materials. Shockingly enough they are able to reuse about 80% of the garbage they collect. In 2003, foreign companies won the rights to collect Cairo's garbage, but they still outsource the garbage to the Zabbaleen (I know...ironic). The animals also have their own role in Garbage City. Pigs eat the organic waste that is left in the garbage, but since Egypt killed most of the pigs during the swine flu scare, the city's garbage has been piling up more that normal.

I know this is not the type of thing I usually post on my blog, but I couldn't pass it up. I'll leave you to enjoy your day with a few more images of the wonderful Garbage City. 

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  1. Mary8.8.10

    Looks like the homes of hoarders they profile on TV. If I even stepped one foot in that city my OCD tendencies would surely kick in.
    I love the fact that they recycle though.


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