The Malnutrition that Shouldn't Be

195 million children are suffering from malnutrition around the world. MSF's Starved For Attention seeks to raise awareness of the dire situation and to change the food policy for humanitarian organizations. The humanitarian food aid system currently gives out nutritionally inadequate food to children under 2 years old. Most of the damaging effects of malnutrition are done by the time a child reaches the age of 2, so those first two years are crucial in a child's development. MSF is calling for people to sign the Starved For Attention petition to call for governments to demand that humanitarian food aid meets nutritional requirements.

The video about is about the Democratic Republic of Congo where there is a malnutrition where there shouldn't be. In some of the most fertile land on Earth, there is no shortage of food. However, armed militias from the war raid villages for food when they are in need, which forces the inhabitants to flee and crow cassava to feed the children. Unfortunately, cassava has no nutritional value so the children begin to develop malnutrition amongst an abundance of food. It isn't just access to food that is the problem, there are several underlying issues such as the war that are causing children to suffer. Watch this extremely well done video that highlights the situation in DRC and sign MSF's petition to rewrite the stories of hunger.


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