Hyperinflation at Its Best

The south African nation of Zimbabwe is known for its problems - from President Mugabe, to diamonds, to the economy.  The wars that Zimbabwe was ingaged in caused the country to fall deep into debt, and to make up for the deficit, more and more money was printed which caused severe hyperinflation. Until 2009 the Zimbabwe dollar was used (now the US dollar, Euro, South African rand, and a few other currencies are used), but the intense hyperinflation made it so there were 100 trillion dollar notes in circulation! At one point, 25 million Zimbabwe dollars were equal to just 1 US dollar. I found these following photos from Bin's Corner (more photos on the website) that I found pretty amusing. Luckily for those living in Zimbabwe they don't have to carry around stacks of money anymore to pay for their lunch, but still, the problems for that country are still far from over... 


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