A Hopeful South Sudan

Source: BBC
In early 2011, South Sudan is set to vote on a referendum to decide whether or not they wish to secede from the North. Some think that the referendum will bring another war between the North and South, while others think the two regions will split peacefully. Others are questioning the South's ability to govern itself independently (read more). The majority of people, however, agree that the South will vote for independence.

Less than 6 months from the vote, the authorities in South Sudan are becoming optimistic and released the plans to turn the major southern cities into the shapes of animals and fruits - yes...animals and fruits. 

Despite the large oil reserves in the South, 90% of the South Sudan lives on less than a dollar a day. However, the authorities revealed a 10 billion dollar plan to transform Juba (the southern capital) into a rhino, Wau into a giraffe, and another into a pineapple. The plans for the cities are well thought out and quite frankly amusing - In Juba, the regional president's office is located near the eye, in Wau the sewage plant is under the tail (ha ha clever...), and there are even amusement parks in ears and residential areas on legs. 

As...interesting for lack of a better word...as these plans are for South Sudan, I'm not sure if they will actually become a reality. Hunger is common to those living in Sudan, mud huts are the average home, and roads have become a recent introduction to the area. So what makes South Sudan believe that they have the money to build such crazy cities even if they are granted independence? If they are able to pull these plans off, then great - but I'm highly dubious as to whether or not it is the best idea. When people are malnourished and living in deplorable conditions, building elaborate cities that remind me of Dubai's palm tree islands are not the best idea in my opinion...at least not until everyone has food to eat and clean water to drink.


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