Flooding in Pakistan

Source: Huffington Post

Floods Ravage Pakistan and Head South
The recent flooding in Pakistan has not receive too much press time lately despite the fact that it is one the worst cases of flooding in the country's history. Up to this point, it is estimated that around 4 million people have been uprooted and affected and the death toll is about 1,600 although it is expected to rise as the flooding moves south. Aid organizations are attempting to bring food and shelter to those in need, but the continued rains are making their efforts a difficult task. 

Two of my favorite organizations (ActionAid andMédecins Sans Frontières) are working to help the flood victims by delivering aid. ActionAid recently came out with this report highlighting their relief efforts in Pakistan and their projected actions as the floods move south. They estimate that they will be delivering aid to 23,000 people in the coming three months. If you would like to help ActionAid deliver water, sanitation, and shelter to those in need of it in Pakistan, you can donate by clicking here. Remember that even a little amount can go a long way!

Meanwhile, MSF is also expanding their activities in Pakistan to "provide clean water and improve hygienic conditions in order to prevent the spread of acute respiratory infections, diarrhoeal diseases, and skin infections. MSF teams are getting ready in case of a waterborne disease outbreak, such as cholera, however the situation is under control at this point." For more updates on their activities in Pakistan, read their latest article. Although you can't donate to a specific disaster through MSF, you can still donate general funds through your country's national office which goes to help in their activities around the world. No matter where your money goes, it's being used for a good cause!

Keep updated on the flooding in Pakistan through Alertnet and ReliefWeb and check out this slideshow from New York Times as well as this really shocking photograph of the flooding (via @ActionAid_aus).


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