Children of Congo: From War to Witches

A Never-Ending War
Since their independence from Belgium in 1960 (and even before), the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo have never known peace. 5 million - that is how many people have died over the past decade from the conflict that continues to rage there. I've talked about the DRC conflicts many, many times before. In fact, you are probably quite sick of me writing about it by now. Well, I'm asking for you to listen to me once again...

You might know the statistics, but do you understand it? Do you fully comprehend the urgency of the situation there? It's called 'Africa's World War' for a reason. Dan Balluff created this really great documentary (the trailer is below and it it can be viewed in its entirety here) that sheds light on the war in the Congo - the history and the outcome of decades of violence. It also explains the impact that the war has had on children, the ones who bear the brunt of the violence in most conflicts. 

The film not only documents children who've been accused of being child witches (and therefore are tortured or abused), but also girls who are forced to become prostitutes (as young as 5 years old) in order to survive, the efforts to demobilize child soldiers, and the resulting influx of refugees and IDPs that were caused by a volcanic eruption in the East of the country.

This is a really fantastic film if you are looking to learn more about the history of the DRC and how the war has (and continues) to affect children and civilians throughout the country. Make sure to check out Dan Balluff's website and twitter to find out more.


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