Charity: Water September Campaign

Charity: Water's September campaign is now officially launched (with over $55,000 raised so far!). About a week ago I wrote about the premise of the September campaign as well as some information about the Central African Republic which is where the money that is raised will be going this year (read the post). 

The September campaign is raising money to give the people of C.A.R. access to clean drinking water and you can help in three ways: to give up your birthday, donate money to the campaign, or start your own fundraiser. The goal for this September campaign is to raise 1.7 million dollars which would give the 16,000 Bayaka people clean water as well as 74,000 other people living in C.A.R. That is 90,000 people who will be impacted because of donations from people like you! The need for clean water in C.A.R. is clear - in a population of 4.3 million people, 1.5 million don't have access to clean water (that is 34%!). Having clean water could improve the health for millions. 

Just $20 can give a person clean water, so it's clear that the money you would raise from your birthday or campaign can impact several people. Start September off on the right foot by donating to Charity: Water's September campaign and providing thousands of people with the gift of clean water.


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