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As I begin my journey to becoming an aid worker this fall, I've been thinking a lot lately about what type of work I'd like to go into. Refugee work has always been attractive to me and recently I've taken an interest in child soldiers and the sex trafficking issue around the world, so I can picture myself possibly working in one of those fields. But emergency aid has always fascinated me. Organizations like the World Food Programme, MSF, and the UN have always caught my attention and made me what to work with them too. The other day while looking around the World Food Programme's website I saw that they had a thing called Bloggers Against Hunger that allows bloggers to sign their blog up and post every once and a while about hunger and malnutrition! Since I frequently write about such topics, I figured I'd give it a go! 

Now once a month (or quite possibly more frequently) I'll be sharing info on malnutrition and the WFP's activities around the globe. In addition, I've added a gadget to the right toolbar of my blog that allows my readers (yes you!) to donate to WFP! You can donate as much or as little as you want. Just 1$ fills 4 cups of food, so it's obvious that even the littlest bit makes a big difference! As time goes on, I'll keep everyone updated on how much money I've raised through the gadget on my blog! Everyone's got some spare change, so why not donate a few bucks once a week or once a month to help WFP feed the hungry? 

It may not seem like it, but malnourishment can be easily prevented. Currently, under-nutrition contributes to more than 1/3 of childhood deaths. You might think that providing children with nutritional food would be costly, but Europeans spend 3 times the amount needed to give all the undernourished small children in the world the nutritious foods they need...on ice-cream! So no, preventing malnutrition isn't too costly for us to make a difference. 

The World Food Programme uses a variety of products to help provide the proper nutrition to malnourished children. From products like Plumpy'Doz (a variation of the Plumpy Nut that was stolen from a South Sudanese MSF facility, forcing them to temporarily shut down operations there) which is given to children at risk of developing malnutrition, to High Energy Biscuits which are quick to improve nutrition levels and easy to distribute in emergencies. You can read more about how the WFP fights malnutrition by reading this article, following them on twitter, and joining them on facebook. For a quick 2 minute malnutrition 101 lesson, I'd recommend watching the video below which does a great job at highlighting the basics of malnutrition and what we can do to help fight hunger worldwide. Keep checking back for more info on malnutrition and the World Food Programme!

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  1. Mary8.8.10

    One easy way that people can help fight world hunger is to volunteer a few hours at Feed My Starving Children. Its easy and only takes a few hours and FMSC makes it fun. If you don't have a packing site near you donate money for supplies through their website.


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