A Big Thanks to WFP!

Yesterday was a whirlwind day for me - I'm still trying to recover! Here is the series of events that made for a very exciting day:
1. Got a call Thursday night about an interview with Caribou Coffee in Chicago (job = good!).
2. Woke up at 4:30am out of nervousness for interview.
3. 1 hour train ride then 20 minutes of mass transit in Chicago (and $20 spent on transport for the day...that was no good!)
4. Walked around my college campus and then had an epiphany that I'm moving in 10 days.
5. Got to my job interview a half hour early.
6. Decided to kill some time by walking up and down the streets and began salivating over the wide variety of ethnic restaurants so near to my new apartment. (falafel, north African, Vietnamese, Chinese...what more could I ask for?).
7. Had the interview which turned out well! 2nd interview schedule for next Tuesday!
9. Finally arrived home and realized I was named World Food Programme's Blogger of the Week!
10. Made about $150 selling old childhood toys (not a bad deal for a college student!).

#9 was a real shocker! I've only been Blogging Against Hunger for 1 week, so I wasn't expecting that at all! Since WFP is one of the organizations I could see myself working for one day, this is a huge honor to me! So I want to give a big huge thanks to World Food Programme for naming me Blogger of the Week, I'm so thrilled about it and excited to be blogging for them! I look forward to continue blogging for WFP and raising awareness on hunger for many years to come! 

Thanks to all the new readers who've come through WFP to check out my blog, I hope you all enjoy it and will continue coming back! And another big thanks to all my regular visitors who've been coming for weeks, months, or since I've started the blog - thanks for being so supportive as it has evolved over the year!

Just a reminder to all my readers (new and old) that you can donate to WFP through the widget on the side of my blog. Just click on the 'Give Now' button and fill out the needed information to donate or go through WFP's website. The money will be used to bring food to Haiti, buy school lunches for students, or to provide food during emergencies - so even the littlest bit can make an enormous difference! Also, make sure to follow them on twitter, join them on facebook, and stay informed on what they're doing around the world.


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