65 Years Later...

Source: All Eyes
Hiroshima Anniversary 
Yesterday marked the 65th anniversary of the atomic bomb attack on Hiroshima (and the stupid decision to use nuclear weapons might I add).  Regrettably, the world has not learned too much from the damage the US caused that day. I would've thought that after seeing the horrible damage the two bombs caused and their atrocious aftermath, the world would have decided to never use or produce nuclear weapons again. Well...that clearly isn't the case since new (and worse) weapons are still being created. 

I think that this post from the blog The Road to the Horizon does a great job at summing up my sentiments towards the use of the bomb as well as has a good video to watch. I also found this website that has some saddening photography from the day of and days after the bombings.

Let's not forget the vast number of people (civilians!) that died that day. 


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