An Interesting Thought

A few weekends ago I went to a fair trade shop in Lake Geneva and bought some Tibetan pray flags for my dorm room next year. With my purchase they gave me a sheet of paper that I found really interesting. It read the following:

If we could shrink the Earth's population to a village of precisely 100 people with all existing human ratios remaining the same, it would look like this - 

  • There would be 57 Asians, 21 Europeans, 14 from the Western hemisphere (North and South), and 8 Africans.
  • 51 would be female; 49 would be male
  • 70 would be nonwhite; 30 white
  • 70 would be non-Christian; 30 Christian
  • 50% of the entire world's wealth would be in the hands of 6 people, and all 6 would be citizens of the United States
  • 80 would live in substandard housing
  • 70 would be unable to read
  • 50 would suffer from malnutrition
  • 1 would be near death, 1 would be near birth
  • Only 1 would have a college education
  • A 1/2 person would have a computer.
When one considers our world from such an incredibly compressed perspective, the need for both tolerance and understanding becomes glaringly apparent. 


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