3 Generations

From Stories to Action
First-hand stories often convey a message that can't be told in any other way. I know for a fact that hearing stories from people in Sierra Leone made me want to act. The stories I heard were the reason for creating this blog, for becoming an aid worker, and for taking an interest in current global issues. 

3 Generations
is a organization that has one purpose: to tell stories from people suffering from injustice around the world. Their hope is that through these stories, you will feel compelled to act and help the world in need. Through 3 Generations you can hear personal stories of people who suffered during genocides, wars, and other injustices. Its hard to hear these stories and not want to do something to help out. You can also stay informed on issues around the world through their conflict page, twitter, and facebook. You can also donate to help them be able to continue to find impacting stories. I hope that if you needed more inspiration and motivation to make a change in the world, these stories will help push you to making the first step in volunteering, advocating, or whatever else you may think of to help out. 


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